“In every walk with nature one receives far more than one seeks“

John Muir


There is an intrinsic function that belongs to Nature in establishing balance and serenity, promoting meditation and recreation.

Its inspiration becomes essential to improve cognitive function, creativity, well-being and provide the opportunity to feel in contact with it.

Comfort assumes a basic role in the way of dressing and becomes the leitmotif in conceiving a product.

Naturalness as a choice of style, is the identifying concept, the DNA of the Brand, which starting from the research of natural materials and the choice of colors inspired by nature, is expressed by the comfort of the fit and the elegance of the garments in perfect “Natural Life-Style.”

Precious and soft long-fiber cottons, extra fine wools sourced exclusively from selected farms, linen and silk, weaving stylishly matched textures and colors. Craftsmanship, attention to detail and workmanship express the value and quality of CAPOBIANCO collections. Each product hides a story built with the passion and creativity of those who make it, the precision and care of the workmanship.

Each garment thus becomes the realization of a dream, involving those who receive it, a true expression of the “made in Italy” and casual-chic style of which the brand is an emblem.