Made in Italy


Called after the lovely white beach of the Elba island, whose this line is inspired by, creating items dedicated to nature and life in plain-air, therefore characterized by comfort and beauty.

Fibers and natural colors are the leading thread of this collection thoughts for a wearing style free of schemas, not banal, stylish and elegant in any kind of contest.

The cult of the product is at the base of the brand philosophy that manufactures its item of clothing with great attention to details and passion of the people involved along the entire production chain as a true value of the small and yet immense CAPOBIANCO world.



Warm and protective touch knitted fabrics. Long fiber brushed or mercerized cottons, cashmere in the best Italian tradition, the value of the silk. Mixtures giving life to the new compositions in the constant research of comfort and style.

A journey from the past to the present between tradition and innovation in the discovery of excellence.



Indicates the spontaneous human desire to look for connections with Nature and other forms of life. There is an intrinsic function that belongs to Nature in establishing balance and serenity promoting meditation and leisure.

Its inspiration is essential to improve cognitive functions, creativity, wellbeing, giving the opportunity to feel in contact with it.

The comfort takes on a basic role in the way to dress and becomes the leading thread in conceiving a product.